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Woman loves you or your money?

Gold diggers are found everywhere. If you are rich then it is obvious that you attract more ladies towards you than your not-so-rich friends. Well, the attention doesn’t mean that you are attractive, because it is just your money that is working in your favour. Men find it hard to distinguish between genuine partners and money diggers, so let’s discuss about it in this article.

What is gold digger?
Gold diggers are those individuals who fake love for money. Yes, if you are rich and meet a person, who doesn’t love you as dearly as she loves your money, then she is obviously a gold digger. Well, there are men too who fake love to sustain a relationship with a rich woman. Saying, that females are better than males, at this job would not be wrong. Females can easily fake relationships and men find it really tough to distinguish between true love and a gold digger. The sugary baby that you are presently dating may be faking her sweetness to make you pay her bills and take her on exotic holidays.

Where can you meet them?
From online singles dating sites to local pubs, gold diggers can be found everywhere. In fact, these individuals work in a highly organized fashion. If you happen to be a wealthy person and notice a girl trying to seduce you or impress you with her looks, understand that it is a red flag, one that you shouldn’t be looking to chase. The only thing that is on a gold digger’s mind is money and materialism. Such individuals value materialistic items over emotions, often leading to painful split-ups and fights.

How to know if the person you’re dating is a Gold Digger?
To help men find out, if their girl they are dating is there for just money, here are a few simple detection tricks that really work:

  • Make her pay bills: Yes, this is one of the best ways to know her intentions. Pretend to have lost your wallet and ask her to pay up for the food or a movie. If she happily obliges then she is there for true love, if she fusses then ditch her because she is a gold digger. In addition, if she doesn’t bring money on a date that means she is in just for the money.

  • Take her in an economical car to an economical outing: This also works. Expensive outings are something that everyone likes. Tell your girl that you don’t own a car and you have just borrowed this from your friend. Drive the car to a local restaurant and order food. Ask her out again and if she is happy to be with you, she would join you if not then she is not the love of your life.

  • Do not shower her with expensive gifts: Who doesn’t like expensive gifts? But, only a person who genuine loves and cares for you would accept something simple such as a flower. Surprise her with a bunch of flowers instead of an expensive solitaire on her birthday. Notice her reaction and you can gauge for yourself.

  • Have a heart to heart talk: Well, nothing works better than this. Look into her eyes and ask her if she genuinely loves you. Ask her if she would love you even if you had no money. If she is faking it, then it would appear in her reaction.
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