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6 ways to rub your elbows with the rich and the famous

How and where to meet rich men, is one important question plaguing the mind of many single modern women. Surely many of us still dream about meeting the Prince Charming who carries you away in his chic white Ferrari. It’s not so hard to come across pretty 21st century girls with the desire to be courted by the rich and the famous. In this article we are going to show you a few useful ways which might help you land up with a single millionaire.

1.Present yourself nicely: One of the most important tricks in hooking a rich man is to present yourself confidently no matter if you are rich or poor. The idea is to present yourself in a way which would suggest that you deserve being with one of them. A wealthy guy would like to meet a woman who matches his personality. Make sure that you project yourself, as the confident type and always walk with your heads high.

2.Visit fashionable pubs and restaurants: If you are keen on meeting rich and successful professionals then make sure to regularly visit the pubs where they hang out. High end pubs can be a great hunting ground for the wealthy and eligible bachelors. Since most successful professionals spend a considerable time in the bars and pubs closest to their office, you should ideally hang out in pubs which lie in close vicinity to the office area. Avoid peak office hours and weekends, and pay your visit in late evening for best results.

3.Hang out in premium golf clubs: As you should already know by now, golf courses are the playground for the rich and famous where successful business owners come to relax and entertain themselves as well as to strike business deals. Even if you don’t want to spend on an annual membership, you can always try to tag along with someone or get a day pass to try your luck at meeting a millionaire.

4.Do your shopping at select places: Make a list of all the classy malls, shops, boutiques where rich people go. Even if you cannot afford to do the shopping on your own, you still stand the chance of getting acquainted with a man who can indulge your shopping spree in the future. Frequently shopping at places where rich men shop would double your chances of dating a rich man.

5.After parties and movie premieres: If you have managed to get hold of a ticket to a red carpet event then well there is nothing like it. Consider it your lucky day since any gathering related to the entertainment industry is sure to be attended by rich, handsome men, many of whom are thankfully single.

6.Luxury resorts and spas: Pamper yourself by visiting a luxury spa where you will not only get the most exotic therapies and massages but also a good chance of chatting up a bold and brilliant millionaire.

Remember that you are not meeting the boy next door in your average neighbourhood coffee shop. Therefore always dress up for the occasion without overdoing it and get ready to spread your charm.

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