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Why do people assume that rich men have no difficulty meeting women?

It is a common assumption that rich men find it easier to connect with women, regardless of whether they choose an online dating site or get in touch with women in the real world. On the contrary, it is worth mentioning that studies have proved that wealthy men are more likely to be socially awkward or uninterested in connecting with others in day to day life.

If you're under the impression that rich men face no difficulty in meeting women and in case they do so they're only inviting gold diggers, you're absolutely wrong. Introverts or those who don’t open up with everyone they come across find it very difficult to communicate with others face to face. This is exactly why they take to social networking sites or more appropriately dating sites that would help them connect with women. The availability of real time chat and emailing features makes the process of finding and communicating with the right kind of people easier and hassle free.

However, there is a negative side to this as well. There have been instances where con men have disguised themselves as wealthy singles, got into a relationship with women and stripped them emotionally as well as financially. This shows women are instantly attracted to men who claim to be wealthy. Nonetheless, these isolated incidents have created a sense of doubt among those looking to connect with rich men.

Is money the only thing a woman expects from her man?

It is usually taken for granted that women expect their partner to be wealthy as it would guarantee financial stability for the years to come. It is worth remembering that although money plays a crucial role in the relationship, you wouldn’t be able to last for long if there is no understanding or love. According to a survey conducted by an independent agency, only 38 percent of women give prominence to love over money. On the other hand, 44 percent women want to date a rich man, someone who is capable of catering to their basic needs. Besides, only 6 percent women wanted to date a millionaire.

This shows that around 82 percent women have genuine concerns, which according to dating experts are absolutely fine. “It isn't wrong when a woman expects her companion to fulfill her needs. This doesn’t mean she wants to date a multi – millionaire. Hygienic food, a decent place to stay and a reasonable mode of transport is all most women expect. In addition, good education for children becomes a priority in the years to come.”

If a woman is expecting you to possess luxurious yachts, private planes and vacations at exotic locations across the globe, she belongs to those 6 percent of women who would get turned on by the thought of dating a millionaire.

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